During our second year in Savannah, DeWitt was really enjoying his tenure as Chaplain of Candler Hospital ( the old building downtown near Forsyte Park), Grace enjoyed our new home and being active with the ladies of Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church, Marvin was happy with a group of boys to play with ( they loved whiffle ball) and going to Wilder Junior High School, and Judy was a freshman at Armstrong Junior College 9 when it was located in the downtown mansions near Forsythe Park) and she also was serving as DeWitt’s secretary in her off class time. She would ride into town with DeWitt in the mornings in time for her first class and for the rest of the day she would got to classes, walk across the Park to the Hospital and take care of the correspondence DeWitt needed done ( enjoying his brand new Smith Corona electric typewriter) and repeat the process until DSeWitt got ready to leave for home. She became a familiar figure in the Hospital, exploring each of the three floors and carrying messages where needed.

During a visit to Savannah by her Aunt Bertha (DeWitt’s younger Sister) from her home on Lake Geneva at Keystone Heigfhts, Florida) Aunt Bertha made biscuits. These biscuits were unlike any Judy had enjoyed before; Grace’s biscuits were crisp and flaky, easy to break apart when being cut. Tasty but crisp. The biscuits Aunt Beertha made were incredibly soft and tender all the way through and mouth watering! They were wonderful hot or cold. How Judy wished later that she had paid more attention to the biscuit making process!

When Grandmother Shippey visited in Savannah Judy discovered that she made biscuits the same way her Daughter Bertha did!

Somehow the biscuit making method just did not get revealed at that time; more on biscuits later!

As their second year was drawing to a close the Family discovered that they were going to move again! DeWitt was being replaced as Chaplain in order for the Hospital to obtain the services of a minister who was clinically trained. This was a real blow! Soon it was time for the Appointments to be made at Annual Conference and DeWitt left to attend. The rest of the Family huddled anxiously by the phone at home. They began to have rumors filtered back that they would move to the Church in Cuthbert. That seemed to be solid so they went to bed Thursday evening believing that they were Cuthbert bound! That was not Go’s plan; at 3:45 in the morning the phone rang and it was DeWitt with the news that at the last minute the Minister in Cuthbert went back for another year and with Appointments as problamatical as they were, the First Church in Statesboro had opened up and they were moving there! That was a blessing beyond description in several ways; Judy had applied at three colleges to continue her education and had been accepted; thankfully Georgia Southern in Statesboro was one of the three! She could live at home and save money! In addition, the church in Statesboro was unlike any church in the Conference; it was an architectural jewel modeled after a cathedral in Italy! They had a formal Service and this was a real opportunity for DeWitt and the Famiy to grow spiritually in exploring a new way to worship and other new experiences; another Blessing!

The family packed the books, the lamps and Tyke and headed to Statesboro!

Next time: worship in a cathredral and life in a college town!

Author: Judy Shippey

I was an elementary teacher for 36 years with three degrees in education, young children being my speciality. I also enjoy gardening, reading and my main interest is cooking, hence the Adventures.

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