When last we visited with the Family, newly arrived in Statesboro, they were making their way to the first Service of their new ministry.  DeWitt would shortly don the rest of the liturgical regalia and the Service would begin.  Let’s visit the Service for a bit to find out what happens.

This Worship Service was more formal than DeWitt was accustomed to, so he was a trifle nervous.  However, it all proceeded without a hitch.  First came the magnificent organ prelude with Mrs. Waldo Floyd at the organ, playing a spirited Bach Toccata, then the Processional Hymn, during which the Acolytes and Choir processed to their appointed places.  The Service continued with the Invocation, Prayer of Confession, Silent Meditation and Words of Assurance, concluding with The Lord’s Prayer.

Then the Choir sang the Anthem of the day, led by Director of Music John E. Hathcock, accompanied by Mrs. Floyd at the organ.

The Responsive Reading, Gloria and The Apostle’s Creed followed the Anthem.  Then came the Pastoral prayer with Choral Amen and the Announcements.

The Offering and Offertory were next concluding with the Presentation of the Titles and Offerings with the Doxology.

A Congregational Hymn followed with the the Sermon by the Pastor.

The Service concluded with the Recessional Hymn, during which the Acolytes and Choir left the Chancel area, then the Benediction with a Choral Response, sung from the Narthex. The organ Postlude marked the final part of the Service.

Below is a copy of the Order of Service from the Bulletin of January 17, 1965:

2019-10-23 order of Service, Statesboro 001

Here is a view of the Church Altar and a full view of the Sanctuary interior so that you may appreciate the true beauty of this architectural gem, modeled after a cathedralstatesboro first full inside view in Italy:statesboro first altar

After this momentous First Sunday, the Family settled in to become involved in the life of the Church and to explore what it needed to do in the way of true Service.

Next time: Anecdotes from their Ministry!










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I was an elementary teacher for 36 years with three degrees in education, young children being my speciality. I also enjoy gardening, reading and my main interest is cooking, hence the Adventures.

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