I have been cooking the best food in the world for the past weeks since I discovered the Fleming Fruit Stand; they have wonderful fresh produce and fruit available and we are really enjoying their bounty!

I have discovered a new way to cream fresh corn and i want to share it with you;

Once the corn is cut from the cob I put it in the food processor with just a bit of half and half or cream and process it until it resembles mush. I add fresh ground pepper and a dash of lemon pepper. I then put it in a large skillet sprayed with cooking spray and just about two tablespoons of oil over medium high heat. i let the pan heat up for about a minute, then I add the corn, stirring continually until the extra liquid cooks out, about two to threee minutes. I cover it until we are ready to eat and it gets rave reviews!

I also have been getting large tomatoes at the fruit stand and one is enough for the meal. I core and peel the tomato ( yes, this old Southern girl peels her tomatoes) and then slice it rather thinly.

Often I will add roasted asparagus 9 oiled and seasoned, 15 minutes at 425), or baked okra ( same procedure).

Lately I have been getting new potatoes and boiling them with fresh dill and chives until they are tender.

All of the above put together makes the most incredibly tasty meal! I eat my tomatoes with the corn with a dab of mayonnaise and that is a taste sensation! Who needs dessert when there is food like this available?

Author: Judy Shippey

I was an elementary teacher for 36 years with three degrees in education, young children being my speciality. I also enjoy gardening, reading and my main interest is cooking, hence the Adventures.

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